Texas Work Zone Driving Safety

For the people who work hard to build our roads and keep them maintained, their job can be a dangerous place to go every day. Texas sees around 15,000 crashes each year in constructions zones, resulting in more than 100 people killed annually. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), 4 out of 5 work zone fatalities are caused by the motorists travelling through the work zone.

It is imperative to practice Texas work zone driving safety, to protect the lives of the workers and the drivers alike. Aside from obeying posted traffic speeds and employing every-day responsible driving habits, there are other work zone driving safety tips that you can use to reduce the amount of danger, and your part in it.

  • Plan ahead. Look for other routes to travel to avoid congestion and frustration. If you know there is construction on the roads you need to travel, leave a little bit early to accommodate the inevitable slowdown that will come with it.
  • Be patient. They're working to make your roads a better place to travel upon!
  • Look out for orange! Those orange signs are meant to call your attention to the fact that there is work going on in those areas. Watch all posted orange signs and obey what they’re telling you.
  • Be considerate. Give working trucks the room they need to maneuver. The more you respect the area around their working site, the faster they'll be able to move and you’ll move faster through it!
  • Pay attention! Accidents happen when people stop being observant. Watch out for what other motorists are doing, and what the workers are doing, too. Be prepared to stop short, or speed up as needed. You’ll know exactly what to do if you’re always watching your surroundings.
Be a Better Driver

All of the proper road safety rules and techniques required for work zone safety are covered in a defensive driving Texas online course. The Texas government has taken steps to ensure workers’ safety, including imposing high fines and jail time for anyone who injures or kills a road worker. The DOT reported a decline in work zone fatalities for two consecutive years due to these measures.

It is your responsibility as a driver to be aware of the laws and safety measures to follow!