It's True!
Texas TEA-Approved
You are Required to Turn in a Driver Record.

Do You Really Need Your
Driver Record?

Texas law states you must bring your current driving record with you when you go to court. That's 100% true. Occasionally, some courts will let this regulation slip—but is it worth the risk?

It's up to you, but if you enroll in the Defensive Driving course provided by Ticket Erasers, you might want to get your driver record at the same time. It saves you time, and you'll be sure to receive your record before your court date.

Online Defensive Driving Course
& Driving Record

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Online Video Defensive Driving
Course & Driving Record


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Top 3 Reasons

To get your Driver Record through us:

Do you really want to
deal with the DPS?

Let’s face it—going down to the DPS is no fun. Long lines, unhappy people, disgruntled clerks and red tape. And even then, it takes 2 to 3 weeks on top of that to get your driver record. No thanks!

Online couldn’t
be simpler!

How's this for easy: Go online, fill out the forms (driver license number, name, date of birth, that sort of thing), pay up (it’s not that expensive, either—only $25), and you're done!

We send it right to
your inbox!

Once you submit, we email your driver record right to your inbox—usually within 24 hours! (We can also send it U.S. Mail or FedEx—your choice.)