Refresh Your Driving Skills

After years of traveling those familiar Texas roads, it's easy to get complacent about our driving skills. We think that because we learned once, and haven't had any severe accidents or citations, that we're still as safe and responsible behind the wheel as we were 5 or 10 years ago.

The fact is that everyone needs to refresh their driving skills after a while, for various reasons – to keep up with the changing Texas traffic laws, to adapt better to today's faster and more dangerous driving environment, and to learn new techniques that have been proven to prevent hazardous situations and unnecessary recklessness on the roads.

Why Should I Re-Learn to Drive?

Let's be honest – we’ve all cultivated a few bad habits over the years. Whether it's eating on our commute to work in the mornings, or sending that quick text message while driving, or rolling through a stop sign on an empty street, there are things we do each day that we don't even realize are occurring, because they've become a part of our driving habits. As the years go on and these habits don't get corrected, they becoming even more ingrained in our processes, and have the potential to become even more dangerous.

We also develop a suspicion of the OTHER driver, when that driver could very well be us. Though we become more aware of how to react to and deal with the behavior of other vehicles on the road, we stop paying attention to whether we're being that driver that the others need to watch out for.

Defensive Driving Texas to the Rescue

One of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your own driving skills and learn new defensive driving techniques is to enroll yourself in a TEA/TDLR Approved Texas online defensive driving course. Without any classroom or textbook required, you can significantly improve your reactions and prevention methods on the roads, without inconveniencing your daily schedule. Most courses are affordable, self-paced, and fast to complete. This leaves no excuse as to why you can't refresh your skills and become a safer driver.

In your course, you'll get a chance to review the laws you’ve been following since you first got your license, plus learn new laws that have been enacted in the interim. You don't want to be caught with a traffic ticket for a law you didn't know existed!

Just as important (and perhaps even more so in today's driving climate), you'll be introduced to essential defensive driving techniques that will increase your awareness and improve your reaction to potential hazards while driving. Some of these techniques include:

  • Following at a safe distance (the 3 Second Rule)
  • Checking your blind spot
  • Being aware of other drivers' blind spots
  • Scanning traffic ahead of you for slowdowns
  • Keeping your radio at a proper volume
  • Knowing your car's reaction habits
  • Diffusing road rage or tense driving situations

All of these methods and practices could make the difference between a great day or a tragic day on the roads. You may already employ many of them; others might be new concepts. Either way, refreshing yourself on all aspects of your driving with a Texas online defensive driving course can only improve your skills and sharpen your awareness of your own habits and those of other drivers.