How To Drive Safely In Texas

The Lone Star State boasts some beautiful roads to drive and scenery to enjoy – but if you're not driving safely then you won't enjoy the privilege of driving in Texas at all! No matter which of our 50 great states you're traveling in, you must be aware of state traffic laws at all time, and obey them for the safety of yourself and your fellow drivers. By employing these Texas driving safety measures every time you get behind the wheel, you'll avoid traffic tickets, or even worse situations!

Follow the Laws
  • Remember that every time you get behind the wheel, you MUST buckle your seatbelt. There are no ways around this law, and it could be the only thing that comes between you and the pavement should a head-one collision occur.
  • Be observant of the "Right on Red" law. In Texas, it is always legal to turn right on a red light unless otherwise posted. When a No Right Turn sign IS posted, you must observe the rule or risk a pretty hefty fine.
  • Under no circumstances may you litter in the great state of Texas! You'll see signs posted around that say, "Don't Mess with Texas," and this is exactly what they are referring to. There are beautiful natural landscapes of all kinds throughout the state, and littering not only defiles their beauty, but poses a danger to the plant and animal life in the area. Keep your trash in your car until you can dispose of it properly, or you'll get a ticket!
  • Make sure you have all of your documents on you at all times. This includes registration and proof of insurance. In Texas, you are required to be insured and have proof of insurance on you at all times when behind the wheel. If pulled over, you could get an additional citation for lack of it.
  • Never, ever, ever drink and drive. Period.

Learn Texas Defensive Driving

The best way to equip yourself with the skills you need, and refresh your memory on the laws to follow, is to take a Texas defensive driving course. Not only do these courses contain traffic laws and road signs, but also teach essential defensive driving skills that make you more aware of your surroundings on the roads, and help you react quicker to hazards that may arise. By always driving defensively, you're constantly ready for anything that may cross your path, and you'll keep yourself and other drivers safer because of your excellent driving skills.