We Don’t Mess Around
Neither Does This Course
Texas TEA-Approved

Texas Ticket Dismissal Course:

Everything You Need to Know
  • Meets the TEA/TDLR time requirements (6 hours).
  • Divided into 8 simple chapters.
  • Designed to give you convenient stopping points.
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You Are Being Punished

Hey, we know traffic school isn't fun. It's not supposed to be—it's a punishment. But why compound the pain with a Texas Ticket Dismissal course that's boring and hard to do? With Ticket Erasers, we’ve provided a $25 defensive driving course that doesn’t just meet the state requirements for dismissing your ticket—it's also as painless as possible.

Here’s how we did it:

This Course Was Created By Experts

Professional instructors created the course to make it both easy to complete and engaging to take.

We Give You Complete Control

Other defensive driving courses force you to take them in 1-hour increments. You’re way too busy for that. You get to control:

  • When you study and when you don't
  • How many lessons you do at a time
  • Where you want to study—at home, work, or anywhere there's an Internet connection

That way, you can study as little or as long as you like. Got 10 minutes to spare? That's just fine. Want to get it over with in one night? That's fine too!

We Make It Fast!

Technically, the Texas Defensive Driving Online Course is required by law to last a minimum of 6 hours. But your expert designers have come up with ways to make it go faster:

  • The course is broken down into 8 chapters so they're quick to do.
  • The text portion of the course is simple to read and easy to understand.
  • Your chapter quizzes are entirely multiple-choice with only 10 questions each (and the answers are scattered throughout the lessons!).
  • The text is broken up with fun animations and videos to give you a break from reading.
And For the Truly Lazy (or Extremely Smart)

We even offer an option where YOU CAN HAVE THE COURSE READ TO YOU! Now it’s easier than ever to do your online course. Think about it—you can get up, walk around, eat a sandwich, pet the dog… almost anything is possible with our Audio Feature.

We’ll Even Get Your Texas Driving Record for You

You’re gonna need it! Texas law states: "All traffic violators must turn in a current Driving Record at the time of their court appearance." So you can enjoy a trip through the long lines of the DPS, or let us take care of it for you.
Head on over to "Get Your Driver Record" to learn more.

Why We Are Great:  The Condensed Version

Let's face it—there are hundreds of online traffic schools, all telling you the same thing. Here’s why we’re different:

  • The course is TEA/TDLR-approved.
  • Fast, easy registration process.
  • The course is specifically designed to be easy.
  • You're guaranteed to pass.
  • The Read-Along feature breaks the bonds of the computer.
  • We have low-cost delivery options for you last-minute procrastinators.
  • We offer a convenient way to get your required Texas Driving Record.
  • Oh, and did we mention that it’s super affordable?

Online Defensive Driving Course

Lowest price allowed by law!

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