Texas Ranks 3rd Worst Drivers in the United States

by sem on May 8, 2013

Texas Ranks as the Third-Worst Driving State

If you’re a Texas driver, you may want to look into online traffic school on a yearly basis. Statistically speaking, you’re not very good behind the wheel.

A 2011 study that ranked drivers by state found that most Texas drivers ranked 3rd worst in the country. The only states that proved worse were Louisiana and Missouri.

That study isn’t an isolated incident, either. In 2012, Allstate published their 8th annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” which included a list of 25 cities that had the worst drivers. Yup, Texas was well represented, with Garland at #17 and Arlington at #25. It’s not as dire as their 2007 study, though. Back then, Austin came in at #1!


Nobody really thinks they’re a bad driver. Somehow, it always seems to be the other guy’s fault, right? But if everyone thinks they are the innocent party, then nobody’s ever at fault. There’s something wrong with that logic.

Even if you’re the exception to the rule, and somehow the #1 best driver in Texas, you’re still sharing the road with thousands of bad drivers, every day. This is a great reason to sign up for a Texas defensive driving course. Solid safe driving skills could keep you safe when it really is the other guy’s fault!

When it comes to safe driving, an ounce of prevention really is better than a pound of cure. Nowadays, traffic schools are available online as a painless way to improve your skills on your own time and at your own pace. There are video and audio options as well, making safe driving an even easier goal to accomplish.

Think of it this way: you could either spend a few hours learning how to be a good driver in a Texas online defensive driving course, or spend days and dollars working on traffic ticket dismissal, pleading your case to the court and spending hundreds on hiked-up insurance policies. Which would you rather do?


The biggest reason Texas plummeted to the 3rd worst ranking is the staggering amount of traffic tickets its drivers seem to get. If you get lots of traffic tickets, not only do you have to pay them, but your insurance company will charge you more for your policy as well. That alone should be enough motivation to drive as safely as possible!

Conversely, if you can prove that you’re a good driver—that is, a safe and defensive driver who doesn’t have a glove compartment full of citations—you won’t get dinged on a risky policy. And you won’t have to pay the tickets, either!

If you’re a Texas driver, the odds are against you when it comes to safety. Apparently there are more maniacs on the road there than in most other states. So every little thing you can do to become a better driver (and prove the same to your insurance company) can help.

And if Texas’ poor ranking gets you down, look on the bright side—at least you’re not in Louisiana!

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